I am Rahul Kadyan.

I am building design language system at Myntra. Prior that, I was making way for kotlin into Myntra's stack.

Running an awesome conference and a vue meetup in Bangalore. Also, I contribute to vue ecosystem and yeah... Core Team Member!

I speak at conferences, and meetups. Here is something for you to read:

  • Simple Hard Things

    Simple things are easy; everyone says so. However, in reality, it may not be so.

  • Finally some colors in my life

    "I got a red shirt!", I scream, every time my friends jab that my wardrobe is grey and dull. They always call me out, "Get some colors, dude!".

  • Comments in Code

    So one more pull request got rejected for having a comment; "Good code is self-documenting.", said the reviewer.

  • Running an awesome conference

    I love attending conferences. For inspiring talks, for making new friends and meeting old friends, or for learning new things, conferences have been influential in my journey as a developer. I like many conferences, but I want to be in every vue conference. If you been to a vue Conference, then you know that there’s something different about it. The environment is so welcoming and friendly. Sad! I have to travel across the world to be in one. I have longed to see a vue conference in India, my home, for a long time now.

  • Type Vuex without TypeScript

    A practical guide for type checking vuex modules written in JS and getting things done.

  • Type Vue without TypeScript

    A practical guide for type checking vue components written in JS and getting things done.

  • Accessible Components: Test Driven Approach

    The web is undoubtedly most important resource today. Modern websites are built in small building blocks; components. Practices from test-driven software development have employed to automate correctness of these building blocks.

  • Provide/Inject in Vue 2.2

    The Initial D release of Vue have some amazing new features, including improved server side rendering, v-model customization, better error handling, provide & inject pair and many other small improvements.

  • Fiddle with Vue.js

    If you’ve created an issue on Vue.js repository for the first time then there is high probability that you skipped reading the contribution guidelines. By doing so you’ve created an issue that does not tell maintainers a thing and helps nobody. Next, you would be hit with a template response and your issue would be labelled need repro.

  • First Day in Vue.js

    A memory log of my first day using Vue.js.