First Day in Vue.js

Back in college, junior year, we were exploring our entrepreneurial skills. I started a product development startup with couple of friends. We’re supposed to build iOS applications but some how we ended building websites.

In the short run of our venture we served variety of clients. And there was one providing on demand makeup & haircut services. The product was ready in 40–50 days but one page was not ready for production.

The Page

It had services offered by the client divided into categories and subcategories. User could add multiple instances of same service. So, I hacked up some logic with jQuery and selectors. All cool! ready for production.

Mock screen for the service list page.
Mock screen for the service list page.

But next they added a summery view of selected services. And guess what! modifying services in the summery view should update in original listing. Somehow we did it but it created a mess of events, callbacks and selectors that could fry up brains of best developers. Something was needed to be done at least for sake of next developer who would fight in with my dirty code.

Next, I started looking for MVVM libraries and apparently to us Angular was the most popular one. Understanding all that ng-* stuff was way too complex and infeasible to implement in just one page. Alternative? Yep a week long hunt for alternatives.

Clicking through links on blogs & StackOverflow some how reached to Vue.js repository. With a scroll through the docs, I was writing Vue components. Best part was I didn’t have to change anything, just added Vue to one page without any change in app structure. In couple of hours, it was ready. There were no unexpected bugs. Code was clean & understandable. And it took me couple of hours to implement everything (if you exclude time wasted in looking for Angular alternatives). Beautiful! isn’t it?

Thank you Angular!

If Angular wasn’t that crappy & rigid back then I couldn’t have found Vue. The time wasted in looking for Angular alternatives is the best wasted time of my life and it was Angular that made me love Vue.

Thanks a lot! Angular.

And beyond…

Vue has came a long way since then I’m glad I’m part of it’s journey as a core team member.